Andrew Hambleton Artist/Printmaker

I have always considered myself a printmaker, this has stemmed from an interest in drawing and the execution of making marks. Printmaking primarily is process driven so results are not always quick. Discovery through painting has introduced me to monoprinting which I find can help in this area and offer more fluency.

It’s a line of inquiry made through the use of simple gestural marks enabled by rag or brush. I’ve always liked to work in a variety of processes; this can be influenced by circumstances, where in my particular case the emphasis is on spontaneity. ‘Nothing remains the same’, ideas are always in a ‘state of flux’. There is always the fear that an idea might disappear so you approach the work accordingly.

I’ve had a number of successes with printmaking over the years, awards, a scholarship to the USA which helped me to further develop my knowledge, particularly in lithography and has also therefore enabled me to exhibit prints in international shows.

I have over the years ‘fallen in and out of love’ with the intaglio process. Living in Scotland for a number of years I developed an interest in landscape and too some degree the urban landscape. This influenced my printmaking in particular Etching/Aquatint. I feel I’m responding to many of these influences again but in a different way.